Will AI steal my job?

The fear factor

One of the biggest fears people have about artificial intelligence is that it will render their job obsolete and steal their livelihood. This is certainly not the case currently, and even looking to the future it seems fairly unlikely for the majority of people. In fact, according to PWC’s 2019 Economic Outlook report, there is a very real chance that ‘AI will create as many jobs as it displaces.’

If anything, the parts of your job that AI might steal away from you are the parts you most likely hate anyway – it has the ability to augment most boring working practices – searching through documents for crucial information, arranging data to make it more readable, and sorting information into things you should concentrate time and energy on vs. those you can ignore.

Using AI to improve your prospects

What’s more AI it can help you get the right job. TiG have collaborated with a UK-based health recruitment firm to implement AI technology. In this case AI is used to cleanse databases and quickly find people who fulfil the right criteria for a role. In addition, AI analyses data on people who have either accepted or rejected a new position, therefore narrowing down the criteria in the future and shortlisting candidates who are more likely to accept. It can then offer these shortlists to the recruitment consultants, and as a result their time time is freed up to concentrate on forming human connections with their prospects.

‘The successful organisations will be the ones that transform both technically and culturally, equipping their people with the skills and knowledge to become the best competitive asset they have. Human ingenuity is what will make the difference – AI alone isn’t enough.’
Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft UK

Still worried? Calculate your chances

Will robots take my job? (https://willrobotstakemyjob.com/) is a fun website into which you can enter your job title and in return receive an overview of the likelihood of being replaced by AI. Projections range from ‘Totally safe’ (which includes computer and information systems managers), to the slightly more pessimistic ‘You’re doomed’.  Not to be taken too seriously, it still gives an indication of the industries most likely to be impacted by AI in the coming decades.

TiG Data Intelligence have partnered with mid-sized businesses from a range of industries to implement AI solutions that provide positive business results. Our Octopus solution is quick and easy to implement, giving business leaders the insights they need to make the right decisions. If you’re just starting to consider using AI in your business, download our free ‘AI guide to world domination’ to get an overview of how other businesses are using AI to get ahead of the competition.

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