The most important thing IT leaders need to consider

As we head towards the final quarter of 2020 it’s important for IT leaders to review the last six months. There have been unprecedented challenges that have required a great deal of focus and determination to get past, so you’d be forgiven for not wanting to dwell on things for too long. However, putting aside some time to review your business’ response to these difficulties now will improve your ability to take on further challenges in the future.

The pressure operational teams have been working under for the last few months has been huge. Every process, every system, every relationship, every way of working, communicating and delivering has been brutally tested.

The task for IT leaders now is to consider:

What kept working and no changes necessary – That’s resilience.

What required a failover or “Plan B” – That’s business continuity

What required a last minute scramble to get working – That’s bad planning, how can we turn that into more resilience?

The scale of the challenge currently being faced has all operational leaders thinking about new ways of working. However, those who had already completed a digital transformation and moved the majority of their operations to the cloud had a significant head start on the competition.

A cloud based modern working environment brings with it the resilience required to tackle sudden changes. Having the ability to login from anywhere, maintain access to all your data, and collaborate with your entire team means that you can maintain control over the situation. While it’s impossible to predict what might happen next, maintaining control over every day processes puts you in a much more powerful position.

Business continuity is about having a plan to deal with difficult situations, so your organisation can continue to function with as little disruption as possible. No matter how resilient you have designed your operations to be, it’s likely that most of us have looked to our business continuity plans over the last few months. Reviewing this now gives you the opportunity to iron out any problems which arose and make amendments to the plan for the future.

Analysing your business’ initial response to the challenge of working during 2020 will show you exactly where you need to fill in the gaps and become more resilient, or at least have a business continuity plan in place. Having an action plan to prevent any further last minute scrambles will put you in a much stronger position as we navigate further challenges to come. No one can predict exactly what will happen next, but everyone can plan a response to it.

Whatever’s at the root of the current business transformation, one thing is for sure; we still have many more months of uncertainty and turbulence ahead of us. Putting yourself and your business in a position to be able to respond to these challenges is the most positive action you can take.

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