The Evolution of Ransomware

The Evolution of Ransomware

Ransomware is constantly getting better and more sophisticated due to the continuous efforts attackers dedicate to their development. To stay ahead of such threat, it’s necessary for users and business to have state-of-the-art defences that are enabled with machine learning, and excellent backup options to protect their data. Here at TiG we recently received a communication from the National Cyber Security Centre, regarding the current UK impact of the ‘GandCrab’ ransomware variant. It’s likely if you’re involved in a business in the UK you’ll have received it too, so what should you be doing about it?

The fact that the National Cyber Security Centre is releasing statements about it shows that the GandCrab ransomware is affecting a lot of organisations, and is becoming a serious threat. The report they released has the aim of providing mitigation and protective advice to individuals who may be clients or customers of the affected organisation to prevent secondary victimisation, and the spread of the ransomware. Here are the steps you can take to mitigate the risk:


  1. Use multi-factor authentication to reduce the impact of password compromises. This is a simple step that can be taken by any user or organisation and puts a barrier between your data and the cyber criminals. Even if your passwords are stolen, your data will be difficult to access.
  2. Protect your devices and networks by keeping them up to date. By using the latest supported versions you’ll benefit from the research of the technology giants who are constantly working to improve the security of their offering.
  3. Use modern systems and software. On a similar note to the above, modern systems and software will have better security features built in. Old systems which are no longer supported will not have the benefit of security research and updates.
  4. Use antivirus. Keep any antivirus software up to data, and consider use of a cloud-backed antivirus product. These provide better threat intelligence and more advanced analysis. Ensure that it is also capable of scanning MS Office macros.


The evolution of ransomware is just one of the reasons businesses absolutely must have a strong defence strategy in place. TiG Data Intelligence are experts in the implementation of cyber security strategies. For more information contact us, or take a look at the Guardian cyber security page.

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