Missed Wimbledon this year? AI has you covered

Wimbledon, like many other major sporting events, was cancelled this year. Although that meant many of us missed out on our strawberries and cream, a group of researchers from Stanford University have created an AI driven programme that offers a controllable synthetic version of Wimbledon tennis matches.

Create your own match

By combining a model of player and tennis ball trajectories, pose estimation, and unpaired image-to-image translation, the technology allows users to create a realistic controllable tennis match between any players you wish.

That means you can recreate famous matches and alter the outcomes, or combine players for never-before-seen matches. You could set up a match between Serena Williams and Roger Federer, or even set up Federer vs. Federer to see what happens.

Interactive control allows the user to specify shot placements and recovery positions, based on a library of player video footage. The technology uses points from the video collection to model a player’s court positioning and shot selection decisions during points. Then these behavioral models select video clips that reflect actions the real-life player is likely to take in a given match play situation, yielding video ‘sprites’ that behave realistically at the macro level of full points, not just individual tennis motions.

What does this mean for the use of AI in business?

Although this use of AI is niche, it shows that technical capabilities have come a long way in a short space of time. 44% of leaders recognise AI is a skill that will help secure their future prospects and more than half of UK organisations (56%) are now using AI to some degree. The TiG Data Analytics team has created business intelligence dashboards which put decision makers in the driving seat, giving them all the information they need in one place to enable quick decision making. We’ve done this for a wide range of businesses, from Private Equity firms to manufacturers.

TiG Data Intelligence have partnered with mid-sized businesses from a range of industries to implement AI solutions that provide positive business results. Our Octopus solution is quick and easy to implement, giving business leaders the insights they need to make the right decisions. If you’re just starting to consider using AI in your business, download our free ‘AI guide to world domination’ to get an overview of how other businesses are using AI to get ahead of the competition.

The study referred to in this article is ‘Vid2Player: Controllable Video Sprites that Behave and Appear like Professional Tennis Players‘ by Haotian Zhang, Cristobal Sciutto, Maneesh Agrawala, and Kayvon Fatahalian, 2020.

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