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Strategic direction with Compass

We don’t believe in keeping digital transformation confined to the IT department. Our Compass service takes a look at the bigger picture and provides direction for strategy transformation and improvements to the whole business.

Our team of business analysts and technology experts will perform a full review and digital maturity assessment to decide how your business can achieve maximum benefit from investment.

Compass is recommended for

Any business working to a strict budget and needing to get tangible results from their transformation project. We help organisations with compliance requirements, problematic legacy infrastructure, and unsafe security postures to turn things around and improve the workplace as a whole.

Compass takes around 4 days from start to finish and you’ll receive a comprehensive report and technology roadmap. This also makes it ideal for Private Equity partners conducting due diligence and looking for cost-efficiencies in new portfolio businesses.


How we do it




One of our transformation specialists will set up a preliminary meeting to find out more about your business, how you’re currently working and the systems you’re already using. During this meeting we will also discuss any compliance requirements so we can design a solution tailored to meet these needs.

We’ll set up a one-day discovery workshop with our technical architects and your assigned project-manager, who will work with you throughout the process. During this workshop we’ll talk you through projects and enhancements that will make a tangible difference to the way your business works.

We’ll send you a comprehensive report detailing the recommended solution, fully modelled to show potential cost-efficiencies over a three-year period, along with a technology roadmap.

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