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Information is beautiful

We know that businesses and the people within them are faced with the challenge of extracting useful information from a mass of data in different formats. The volume, velocity and variety of this data can make it impossible to focus on the results that matter and important insights can be lost.

TiG’s solution is Octopus – the business dashboard. Octopus democratises data and makes it accessible to organisations that don’t typically have teams of developers and data scientists, leveling the playing field between SMB and enterprise.

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Octopus is recommended for

Anyone who has ever been frustrated by endless spreadsheets.

But specifically, analysts, finance teams and operational staff, working in businesses of any size, who want to see trends in data, share business insights faster, fulfil compliance requirements and make more informed business decisions.

We work with insurers, consultants and professional service providers who need to use information from multiple business sources and have high security requirements.

Making the complex accessible

A business dashboard can combine data from

Excel spreadsheets

Azure SQL database

Multiple email accounts

Finance programmes such as Sage

Website analytics

CRM systems

Our entry level Octopus engagement includes

Data merged from four different data sources, presented in three different dashboards, refreshing every hour.



Before we start to build the business dashboards that are included as part of the Octopus solution, we’ll go through a consulting process to help you decide which data streams and dashboards would be most useful to you and your business. This is driven by the outcomes and results the business is planning to achieve.

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In this series we talk through case studies of businesses that have implemented dashboards.

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