Cloud Transformation

Make cloud technology work harder for your business

Making your technology work for you, your employees and your customers is a hygiene factor in modern day business. Indeed, not doing so effectively can put you at a disadvantage to your competitors.

Cloud technology brings significant opportunities to drive operational and cost efficiencies and even to drastically transform your business in a sustainable, cost effective way. Like any new platform, it takes some time to embed properly and so wherever you are on your cloud transformation journey, regular reviews of how you could better utilise the cloud are critical to your ongoing technological health.

Ask yourself

  • Are your cloud applications secure and compliant in light of increasingly sophisticated cyber security risks?
  • Is your cloud spend cost optimised or are you losing the opportunity to realise further budget gains?
  • Are you harnessing the power of the cloud to inform and transform your business through newly accessible data?
  • Would a cloud migration, either first time or follow up, add significant business value?

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The challenges with cloud technology

Cloud Technology is a key operating model enabler, and organisations need to optimise consumption to deliver the best possible business value.

Keep control

Cloud Migration Strategy

Developing a clear scope of work and roadmap to cloud optimisation

Power BI

Cloud Migration Readiness

Ensuring your landing zone is ready to accept Azure workload

Cognitive services

Effective Data Management

Creating the right data strategy for storage, recovery and ongoing data access

Governance and compliance

Budget Management

Understanding the cost structure of cloud spend to optimise budgets

Taking pride in accomplishment

Cloud Technology Skills

Technologists are in high demand and it can be hard to access the key skills needed

Advanced cyber security

Security and Compliance

Protecting your business against threats and data loss

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We'll help you on the path to greatness

We’ll help you make cloud technology work hard for your business following key principles and approaches.

  1. Seamless Cloud Migration – Build a robust cloud migration strategy and roadmap.
  2. Ongoing effective Cloud Control – Systems and tools to monitor and optimise cloud spend.
  3. Robust Data Management – A data strategy that allows you to best store and access your data in a way that allows you to drive forward your business.
  4. Best in class protection – Reassurance that you have multi-layer security and data protection policies in place.

Our solutions provide cloud confidence


Cloud Migration Planning

Current and future state definition complete with a roadmap to success

Remote management and monitoring

Data Storage & Usage

A wide spectrum of data solutions from insightful dashboards through to machine learning

Gain control

Security and Compliance

Best in class Security and compliance advice and system set-up

Uncover insights

Cost Optimisation

Current spend review with expert advice on how to better optimise your budgets

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