Aligning IT strategy with business goals

In every industry, the function of the IT department is changing. IT in the modern workplace should no longer be about ‘keeping the lights on’, but should be a vital supporting infrastructure enabling the business as a whole to reach its targets. This means a major part of an IT leader’s job is in aligning IT strategy with business goals.

Whether this is through cloud transformation, enabling the workforce to be more productive and adapt to new methods of working faster, or through the implementation of data analytics platforms, gathering information from every piece of data the organisation holds, this is the age of opportunity for IT to make a big impact.

Each organisation’s IT strategy needs to act as a gateway to achieving the overall goals of the business. The IT director needs to be involved in Board level discussions, taking active involvement in the future direction of the business and the strategy that will enable it to reach its full potential.

Tips for aligning IT and business goals

  • Before deploying any new technology in your business, ask yourself if it makes sense or where it fits with the overall strategy. Reflect on the principles of what you’re trying to do as an organisation and make sure your technology matches.
  • Along the same lines, ensure you’re making the most out of the technology you already have. All too often businesses end up using multiple systems and software, without using any of them to their full potential.
  • Make sure any external providers you’re partnered with, such as your managed service provider, are on board with the strategy and the results you’re trying to achieve.
  • Maintain a strong understanding of the daily IT operations in the business, while aiming for the bigger business goals. Make sure you have a grasp of what is going on at ground level and solve any problems as they arise.
  • Always consider the security implications of adding new technology.
Know your starting point

In order to thoroughly align your IT and business strategies, it’s important to conduct an assessment of your situation in order to understand where improvements can be made. This is where your IT or managed service provider should be able to step in and help conduct an audit. If they can’t, maybe it’s time to find another provider who can.

The right IT partner will be able to analyse your business needs and suggest the correct technologies to get the results you’re looking for. Being realistic about your goals and communicating them clearly will enable your managed service provider to create an IT strategy tailored to meeting these objectives.

How the right IT partner can help
  • The right partner will be able to provider you with a strategy that gives you the greatest value from your investment. This doesn’t always mean the cheapest solution, but it does mean your business will benefit in the long term from a solution that is the right fit.
  • They will be able to take a long-term view on implementing a strategy that will bring benefits long after the first year.
  • They will be able to evolve and adapt with you as the business grows, scaling the offering and making sure it’s consistently providing value to the business.
  • By partnering with a provider who has specialist knowledge of your industry they will be able to drive further results. For example, TiG’s specialist knowledge of the financial services industry means we have an understanding of the technology and policies that need to be in place for FCA and other compliance requirements.

TiG have years of experience partnering with businesses to ensure they are getting maximum value from their IT investment. We have specialist business analysts who work alongside our technical specialists to bring together the best possible IT strategy for each business. We begin each project with an in-depth analysis of the business and its long term goals, for more on this download the Compass fact sheet on this page or visit the Compass page.

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